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Owner Financed Land in Houston
Owner financed land in Houston, TX and the greater Houston area is relatively easy
to find because the city takes up such a large area and includes areas both urban
and rural.  In general, owner financed land deals are more abundant in the outlying
areas of Houston where there has been less development.  Below is a brief
description of how owner finance land deals work and some links to land for sale in
Houston with owner financing options available.

Owner-Financing is a method of land sale in which the buyer of the property makes
payments directly to the seller instead of borrowing the money from a bank and
making mortgage payments to the bank.  The seller holds the title to the land until
the payments are completed.  Owner-financing provides opportunities to people
who would normally have trouble qualifying for a bank loan for credit reasons, etc.  
Land owners can offer these buyers a chance to buy land directly by putting down a
down payment and paying the land owner directly.  In many cases the owner will not
even conduct a credit check.

Owner-financed transactions are much more common in land deals than in home
sales because in the case of a home sale there is a chance that the buyer could
damage the home, causing a decrease in the value of the home.  In the case of a
land transaction, it is unlikely that a buyer would decrease the value of the land, so
even if the buyer defaults on the loan, the seller can just hold the title to the land
and resell it.  

If you have land for sale in Houston, Texas and offer owner-financing contact
admin@thebestlandintexas.com and include a link to your land and we will add it to
this directory.
Owner Financed Land for sale in Houston
Houston Land with Owner Finance Options - this site
has land and Homes in Houston, many with owner financing

Owner Financed Texas Land - ruralpropertyfinder.com is
a site that has land all over the U.S.  There is usually quite
a few owner-financed listings.  Not right in Houston but
usually some nearby in more rural areas like Conroe,TX.

The Green Sheet -   this is a classified ad site that always
seems to have lots of listings by individuals offering owner
financing.  Check out the Houston page.
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