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Tiny Houses in Texas
Even if you are not exactly sure what makes a house a  "Tiny House" chances are you have at least heard the term
in the media or even on a television show called "Tiny House Nation".  While the term is kind of broad I have found
that as a general rule, a Tiny House is a home that is 400 square feet or less, not including lofts or porches.  The
reason the 400' is significant is that a structure that does not exceed this limit is considered an RV or a Park Model,
which can save you money when compared to a traditional house or mobile home. These houses often provide
extra room by adding options such as a loft for sleeping, which is extra space that is not counted toward the 400

If you are currently considering purchasing land in Texas this information on tiny houses may be particularly useful
to you.  Many people consider buying tiny homes as a way to "downsize" and eliminate clutter from their lives, or
save money on housing.  But in addition to those reasons, I have found that tiny houses can be very useful to
people who have purchased land and are in the process of building their dream home.  One use is to purchase a
tiny house and live in it while construction of the main house is completed.  When the building process for the "main
home" is completed, the smaller home makes a great guest house or in-law suite.  Of course these small homes
also are very useful as hunting cabins or rental units as well.

Check out the links below for Builders and dealers of tiny houses and park model homes in Texas.
Austin Tiny Homes

Austin, TX company builds custom tiny
houses.  Create your own home or use one
of their basic designs and adjust it according
to your needs.
Tiny Texas Houses

This company is truly "green" by using 99%
Salvage materials in their homes.  The result
is some really unique beautiful homes.
Kanga Room Systems

Small cabins, studios and dwellings.  Located
in Austin, Texas.
Athens Park Homes

Athens TX park model company has a great
website with a full catalogue of certified green
campground cabins and small homes.
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