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Texas Land Financing
Texas land loans come in many different forms.  Texas lenders finance land with different lending instruments. This
section contains Texas Land Loans available from traditional lenders who specialize in financing land, ranches, farms in
Texas.  Hard money loans are loans which are financed in a way that the borrower receives funds secured by the value of
a parcel of real estate.  Many lenders in Texas finance land through hard money loans.  Below are some companies that
provide Texas land loans.  If you are a lender in Texas that offers land financing and would like to be listed in the directory
contact admin@thebestlandintexas.com.
Texas Land Loans - Texas Land Bank specializes in farm,
ranch and country land and home loans.

Tyler TX land lenders - Heritage Land Bank offers financing
for rural land and recreational property in Texas.

Texas Land Loan - Land Loan Specialists provides financing
for real estate purchases and the refinance of Farm Loans,
Ranch Loans, Hunting Land Loans, Agricultural Loans, Farm
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Land and Ranch Loans - Crockett National Bank offers
various options at competitive rates for ranches and land in

Independent Bank - quick approval and closing for land
financing in North Texas

San Antonio lot and land loans - Broadway Bank offers
flexible terms and repayment options on residential property

Texas Hard Money Land Lender - Landloan.com looks like
it is a nationwide company that does all kinds of non
traditional private lending programs.  I am not sure if they are
based in Texas, but they offer a lot of options for land in TX
and you can apply online.

Security State Bank - Anahuac, Texas bank offers loans for
lots and small acreage as well as farm and ranch lands
Veterans Land Board (Serving Texas Veterans)

The Veterans Land Board or VLB is an incredible resource for veterans seeking loans for land or a home.  There are a few simple
requirements for land to be eligible for a VLB land loan.  Essentially, the land must be in Texas, at least one acre, have access to a
public road, not zoned commercial and not owned by you or your spouse within the last 3 years.  The financing for a land loan
through the Veterans Land Board is provided up to $125,000 with 5% down payment and a fixed rate 30 year loan term.  The site
has a list of eligibility requirements for Veterans and also includes as eligible "A surviving spouse of a Veteran listed as missing in
action or whose death was service connected."  

In addition to the loan information, the VLB web page also has listings for forfeited land tracks that are available in auctions.  There
is one land auction held quarterly that is only made available to Veterans and one that is available to the general public.  
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